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Wraiths in the World

Wraiths are the remnants of those who died unfulfilled, and now haunt the Shadowlands. They are still tied to the world of the living through Fetters. For the most part, they try to preserve their existence, come to terms with the manner of their deaths, and battle the forces of Oblivion. They are creatures of pure emotion, subsisting on a refined form of emotion called Pathos to fuel themselves and their powers.

In Gaslight, Wraiths are Umbrabound, tied to the spirit world and often have difficulty interacting with the realm of the living. That there are other things occupying the same world as them is considered strange and unnatural, often causing suspicion between the Wraiths and other supernaturals they might meet.

Wraith gameplay alternates between being highly political and extremely personal, and most of their interactions with one another are colored by the filters of their Arcanoi - what ghostly powers they possess - and their Legion, which describes the manner of their death. Each Wraith is also constantly plagued by a Shadow, an archetypal aspect of their own personality that wants nothing more than for the Wraith to stop struggling and relent to Oblivion.

See Playing Wraiths for more information.

See Wraith Shadows for more RP tips.

The Hierarchy and The Legions

The Hierarchy is the official government of Stygia, and rules over the Western Dead - those in Europe and North America, as well as a few of the more well-established colonies. The Hierarchy is extremely bureaucratic in nature, and is ruled by an ancient and powerful wraith known as Charon. The Hierarchy is divided into Legions, which are defined by the manner in which its members died.

The Skeletal Legion

The Skeletal Legion takes in the victims of Illness. Their military branch specializes in archery, and their civil branch has duties that include measuring the balance of power between legions, as well as research, external affairs, and mapping the Shadowlands and the Tempest.

The Penitent Legion

The Penitent Legion collects the victims of Madness, which include both those who were insane, and those who died as a result of madness. They have a strong military presence, but they are distrusted and avoided by most of the other Legions. This Legion is the only one besides the Grim Legion where killer and victim might have to work together.

The Iron Legion

The Iron Legion gathers the victims of Age, and others brought down by time. They put value in accomplishment, lack much of the typical political infighting of other Legions, and specialize in the collection of information. Their primary duties involve the reinforcement of Stygia, the Byways, and the destruction of Specters.

The Grim Legion

The Grim Legion accepts the victims of Violence, often those who've been murdered. They have some of the Hierarchy's deadliest fighting forces, though their desk jobs are by no means unaccomplished. Many Grim Legionnaires have an interest in avenging their deaths, regardless of the Dictum Mortuum. They also have contacts with the other Dark Kingdoms.

The Emerald Legion

The Emerald Legion houses the victims of Happenstance - those who died as a result of accidents and acts of God. While they lack a strong military presence, they run their civilian branches like businesses, leading to some of the most pleasant interactions with bureaucrats that one can find in the Shadowlands. They place value on innovation and unusual thinking, and prefer not to soulforge Wraiths if they can help it.

The Silent Legion

The Silent Legion welcomes the victims of Despair, which includes suicides and those who died of similar circumstances. Their duties focus mostly on military defense and intelligence gathering, though they also specialize in emotional counseling for the other Legions. The Silent Legion is the group with the largest leeway to interfere with the world of the living, though many seek to resolve their connections there.

The Legion of Paupers

The Legion of Paupers consists of the victims of Mystery. This includes those who died under mysterious or bizarre circumstances, those whose deaths cannot be categorized, or those who simply don't fit in anywhere else. They are highly tolerant of individuality, and they specialize in investigation and the handling of strange and unusual situations.

The Legion of Fate

The Legion of Fate differs from the other Legions in that they are not united by a common death; they are those who are deemed by the Legion to be marked by Fate. They are often trained as mediators and peacemakers between Legions, but also some of the most effective small-scale military units in the Shadowlands. Often, the Fated are equally respected and resented for their enigmatic manner.

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