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Werewolves in the World

The Garou are Gaia's warriors, born into a life of glorious battle. In the World of Darkness, the Garou fight against the forces of destruction and corruption (the Wyrm). Their's is a warrior culture, with epic heroes and great struggles, the like of which the greatest poets hope to sing of. They guard wild places against the encroachment of the Industrial Revolution and keep cities free from the Wyrm's taint.

In Gaslight, Garou are one part of the Shifter faction. Although in canon Garou and the Fera are not as often found in such close quarters, due to the nature of a multi-faction game things may be played out slightly differently here. The same goes for other Factions found in Gaslight - Mages, Vampires, Wraiths, and even the Fae might not be exactly what you were taught as a cub.

The first and foremost duty of the Garou is to Fight the Wyrm Wherever it Breeds. In practice this fight might look different from one Garou to the next, but for most this is their primary goal. This is the lens through which they are taught to see the world - an eternal struggle between the forces of creation (Wyld) and order (Weaver) against destruction and chaos (the Wyrm). Although the challenges and enemies faced by Garou living in Warrington may sometimes be strange in comparison to the fight carried out by the majority of the Nation, they will invariably be filtered through this lens. Visit Playing Werewolves for more information.

The Triat


The Wyld - The generative force, the force of creation.


The Weaver - The pattern-maker, the force of order.


The Wyrm - Meant to be the natural force of destruction, something happened to drive the Wyrm mad. Now it aims to destroy all through corruption and madness.

The Tribes

The Garou Nation as a whole is made up of Thirteen Tribes, which relate to each other in different ways (some are more friendly with others, although the Children of Gaia would love to see everyone getting along). For many Garou, their heritage is a badge of honor. Regardless, the Tribe into which your character is born (or fostered, in some cases) will be a large part of what defines them as a person - their beliefs, their goals, and so much more.

Black Furies

Black Furies - Known for their ferocity in battle the Furies hold the divine feminine in the highest regard. Their mistrust of men leads some to characterize them as man-haters, but the Furies will stand beside any who prove themselves to be a just and honorable warrior - so long as they acknowledge the power of womanhood.

Bone Gnawers

Bone Gnawers - These wily Garou know the ways of the city and are at home in the urban wilds. Derided as mangy dogs by some, the Bone Gnawers don't bother to stand on false pretenses, but their contributions to the fight against the Wyrm are nothing to scoff at.

Children of Gaia

Children of Gaia - The Children of Gaia are the constant reminder while we might divide ourselves into different tribes, we are all still Gaia's children. Healers of body and soul, the Children of Gaia are sometimes seen as too peaceful for their own good - but what they bring to the fight is the terrible grief and rage of a mother punishing her children.


Fianna - Fierce warriors from the British Isles, the Fianna are what remains of the ancient legends of the glory of Eire. Deeply connected to their ancestors, the Fianna are renowned as the best storytellers in the Nation (who often through the best parties as well).

Get of Fenris

Get of Fenris - The mighty Fenrir are wolves from the North, and their heritage is that of the Norse of old. The children of the great Fenris are hardened warriors who often have little time for the niceties appreciated by softer Tribes like the Children of Gaia or the Warders of Man.

Iron Riders

Iron Riders - This is an interesting time period for this Tribe, as the Warders of Man have recently transitioned into the Iron Riders. Both versions of the Tribe seek to guide humanity towards greater appreciation for Gaia, and to make human life better and less susceptible to the corrupting influence of the Wyrm. Like the Bone Gnawers, they are also at home in cities and the urban wilds, although they tend to spend less time in the trash heaps.

Red Talons

Red Talons - The Red Talons are the only all-lupus Tribe in the Nation, and they are proud of their status. Although some Red Talons will pack with homid-born Garou and even spend time around humans and human Kin, the Tribe as a whole is angry at the destruction caused by humanity's expanse. Attitudes towards humans runs from disdain to outright hatred, and it is not unheard of for packs of Red Talons to maintain their own Impergium of sorts, keeping humanity in check with a wolf's snapping jaws.

Shadow Lords

Shadow Lords - The politicians and manipulators of the Garou Nation, the Shadow Lords emphasize brains over brawn. No other Tribe knows politics quite so well as the Shadow Lords. While most Shadow Lords believe their works are for the greater good, particularly regarding their interpretations of the Litany, many other Garou see them as deceitful dogs who need to be kept in clear view at all times.

Silent Striders

Silent Striders - Robbed of their ancestral homeland, the Silent Striders wander the Realm and the Umbra, journeying farther and deeper than most. One of the reasons for their frequent wandering is to find and destroy the influence of the Wyrm. To meet these ends, the Striders have pierced into the realms of the dead. They are the only tribe to have mastered this art, and for this reason they have an unsettling air about them that tends to disturb other Garou.

Silver Fangs

Silver Fangs - The traditional war leaders and rulers of the Garou Nation, the noble Silver Fangs are known for their physical beauty, courage, and honor. The powerful history of the tribe lays a heavy burden on the shoulders of its members, and many are too proud to ask for help; although rumors of inbreeding and strange maladies are whispered about them when they're not listening.


Stargazers - Strange and mystical Garou whose homelands lie to the east, the Stargazers walk a path different from the other Tribes. Favoring spiritual enlightenment and wisdom over brawn and glory, the Stargazers see themselves as guides for the rest of the Nation - while those who have had the chance to meet a Stargazer tend to find them perplexing if not outright batty.


In case you're missing your favorite Tribe, or wondering why a specific Tribe was excluded from play, you may find more about that in this section. We tried to accommodate as many players as we could, but there are gameplay issues that have to be considered here.

The Breeds


Homid were born as humans. The most numerous due to the expansion of human civilization, homid born Garou must learn to live between the human world they know and the natural world they enter into after their First Change.


Metis were born in the war form. Metis are the unfortunate and oft-reviled offspring of two Garou, resulting in a deformed and sterile child.


Lupus were born as wolves. In much of the world, lupus kin are dying out or being hunted to extinction. Lupus may be rare, but their connection to the natural world is greater than their homid brothers and sisters.

The Auspices

Each Garou is trained to follow a certain calling, their Auspice. A Garou's auspice is determined by which moon they were born under.


Ragabash New Moon, Trickster


Theurge Crescent Moon, Mystic


Philodox Half Moon, Judge


Galliard Gibbous Moon, Talespinner.


Ahroun Full Moon, Warrior.



Moots are, for the most part, meetings held by Garou. There are different kinds of moots to be held for different occasions, whether a seasonal celebration, a chance to share stories and resolve arguments, or a grand meeting between multiple septs to prepare for war.


Gifts are the powers of Shifters, taught to them by spirits in exchange for chiminage (service or gifts of friendship). Take a look at the rules page for the gift lists.

List of Gifts

Gifts and Rules for playing a shifter
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