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Gaslight is a Live Action Roleplaying Game (LARP) set in Victorian England and based off of the Classic World of Darkness storytelling system. The game is a Boffer Combat LARP with a strong focus on immersion and WYSIWYG, or "what you see is what you get."

Gaslight games are three, sometimes four days long and are held six times a year, generally two to three months apart. All in-game events take place in the town of Warrington, England, specifically in "North Warrington." Gaslight is set exactly 150 years ago and time passes at a normal rate, so the current date in game is Sunday, February 25, 1868. The game itself is hosted at Camp Krem in the Santa Cruz Mountains, by the town of Boulder Creek.



The World of Darkness is a world that mirrors our own. The land and history is the same, but it is inhabited by various supernatural creatures and otherworldly forces. The dark, broken-down abandoned house that exists in our world is a little darker, a little more broken, and yes it really is haunted. Vampires rule the night and werewolves attack those who dare enter their woods.

Gaslight is played at Camp Krem, located at 102 Brook Ln, Boulder Creek, CA 95006 in Boulder Creek. Camp Krem has many cabins that serve as houses or estates during game time, as well as two larger buildings that act as community spaces, town hall, and the local tavern. There is also plenty of space to set up a tent, if you would rather camp for the weekend.


Our game follows the same supernatural survival horror, mystery, political intrigue blend that the source material is known for. The different factions also experience their own take on things and each one experiences a different game from the next.

  • Mortals tend to a more survival-horror game as the other factions dance around them and use them as pawns and playthings.
  • Vampires gossip and politic. All vie for influence over one another in their secret courts.
  • Mages share a common origin but all have their own fragmented beliefs and agendas.
  • Werewolves battle against the coming apocalypse as they fight amongst themselves over how to stop it.
  • Wraiths cling desperately to the things that keep them tied to the world of the living lest they fall forever into oblivion.

Where to start

We have in the pages of this wiki many resources to help our players.



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