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Mages are humans that are Awakened or Enlightened. When one’s avatar awakens, whether by choice or more commonly unexpectedly, one’s ability to perceive the world changes in a way that they are able to affect the very fibers that are woven together to create reality. Through sheer will they have creative control over energy, matter, the mind, and even time itself.

The Traditions

Awakened individuals tend to be organized into traditions for ease of categorizing and/or safety, although not necessarily by choice. The traditions are groups of different mages that believe in magic and defend this belief against the oppression of the Technocratic Union and their belief of Enlightened Science, which has taken a foot hold in the current paradigm.

The Cornerstones of magic are categorized as well. The Traditions call them Spheres. Each Sphere of Magic has a seat claimed by each of the traditions based on their specialty, with the exception of Matter, having been vacated in 1470 after the Great Betrayal.

Tradition descriptions from Gaslight rule book.

Akashic Brotherhood


Ascetics, martial artists, and monks originating from the far east, Akashics seek ascension through a oneness of the self, via Do, the one true martial art.

Sphere – Mind



Rarely seen, The Subtle Ones seek ascension through the notion of the unity of humanity. They often encourage community growth.

Sphere – Correspondence

Celestial Chorus

Believers in the One, a deific concept that encompasses the gods of all faiths, Choristers find power through faith.

Sphere – Prime


A loose confederation of tribal medicine men and magi, their numbers have recently been bolstered by the spiritualism craze of the Victorian era.

Sphere – Spirit


Surgeons of society, the Euthanatoi cut out the stagnant and corrupt in order to let others grow. They struggle against taking pleasure in their job, lest they become the monsters they hunt.

Sphere - Entropy

Order of Hermes

Wizards in the classical sense, Hermetics focus on words, symbols, patterns, and processes for their power. The Victorian craze for ancient studies has bolstered their ranks.

Sphere – Forces

(Please see Order of Hermes page for Houses)

Seers of Chronos

True sensationalists, Ecstatics seek to transcend reality by experiencing the most extreme sensations that existence has to offer.

Sphere – Time


Keepers of the Old Ways, the Witches revere nature, and Gaia. They find equal power in the land and blood.

Sphere – Life

Technocratic Union

The Technocratic Union is organized similar to the Traditions, but under Conventions, specializing in the same sphere. The Technocratic Union calls these spheres Sciences and claims specialty over Matter . While they believe in Enlightened Science over Magic, there is a rift amongst the Union about how to go about supporting their beliefs and how to handle the sleepers and Traditions. This has resulted in dissenters, known as Utopians, beginning to question the way the Technocracy operates.

Technocratic Union

Proponents of science and self-proclaimed protectors of mankind, the Technocrats are at the forefront of innovation.

Sphere – Matter

(Please see Technocratic Union page for Conventions)


While Mages are able to reweave the fibers of reality itself, reality itself and the consensus of the sleepers that believe in what is real and what is not is not as easy to change as it may sound. Wielding such power can be difficult and dangerous, even to the point of reality lashing out at those that vulgarly dare to make such changes. Paradox, as it is commonly called, can strip offenders of the use of their strongest powers. Reality deals with the more blatant of these offenders with guardians of its own, called Paradox spirits.

For more detail on how to play a mage, please check out Playing Mages

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