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Executive Officers (ExO or XO):



  • Three full time positions generally filled through applications and with Head of Staff oversight.
  • These are the positions that handle the game as an entire entity, from outside communication and contracts to internal conflict resolution.
  • They handle items coming into the game for the rest of the staff departments.
  • The Executive officers are regarded as members of staff.

Executive Officers' responsibilities are as follows:


  • Oversight and arbitration of communication between staff teams, within staff teams, between players and staff teams, and directly with players.
  • Responsible for announcements, including an event newsletter - as necessary.
  • Are expected to be active on the gaslight forums to moderate communications and add clarity.
  • Executives should coordinate every work day that players are attending, at least one should attend every game and work day, hopefully at least two.
  • At least one executive officer is the last to leave Camp Krem from all announced gaslight events.

Staff support:

  • Supervises and supports all branches of Staff, including filling in and performing any staff duty if required.
  • Staff hiring oversight and veto if justified and unanimous.
  • One executive officer runs a Head of Staff meeting, between each weekend event.
  • Can remove staff if it becomes necessary, though every effort should be made to handle things through the Head of Staff leadership and the complaints process.
  • Assist and require the departments to be ready for each event.
  • The XOs need to review the public version of the head of staff meeting notes to make sure they were fit for general consumption and that they are out out on a timely basis.
  • XOs will head an annual staff review between game “seasons” and look for signs of burnout in the staff.
    • If any department creates a policy that breaches the signed contracts of the game (insurance, Camp rental, etc…), then the ExOs have the responsibility to countermand that policy.
  • They are also responsible for the organizational rules for players/staff, enforcing the rules, and maintaining the infractions logbook (Please see the investigation process for more information).

Contract work:

  • Points of contact for the public.
  • Communicating and handling contracts, with Camp Krem, Insurance, and all other necessary organization contacts.
  • Handle the treasurer responsibilities of the game, including processing the game fees, fulfilling the game contracts, and running the bank accounts.


  • Oversight and processing of donations to the game.

( )

  • Managing organizational purchases are an Executive responsibility.


  • Executive Officers can be removed from their position by a unanimous vote of the HoS.
  • Executive Officers can also be removed through the complaints process by the other two Executive Officers, if justified.
    • If the executive officer(s) with their name on the treasurer, insurance, or other contracts is removed or steps down, there may be a delay in getting that responsibility removed until the contract can be changed or renewed.
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