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This section is for game data, cheat sheets, and easy reference sheets that might help you with various aspects of the game, both in and out of character.

- - - Cheat Sheets: (Reference Links)

How to apply for staff positions

Current staff members

Directions to Camp Krem

New player guide

Character Sheet PDF

What to bring to game

NPC resume

- - -

Camp and Game Policies



Drugs and Alcohol


Complaints Process

Housing Policy


Site General Information

Character Rewrites

Racism and System


Chillout Room

Mixed Faction Forum RP

- - -

Staff Data:

Department Guidelines, Executive Officer

Department Guidelines, Storytellers

Department Guidelines, Donations

Department Guidelines, Historian

Department Guidelines, Rules Team

Department Guidelines, Character Guides

Department Guidelines, Check-in

Department Guidelines, Safety

- - -


New player? Primers, how gaslight compares to other games.

New to gaming: Introduction to LARP

Coming from another game:

From Shadow Accord to Gaslight

From a Steampunk Background to Gaslight

From Mind's Eye Theater (BAM/SCM/Camarilla/OWBN) to Gaslight

From High Fantasy Boffer (Alliance/NERO/RoC/SCA/Ampgard) to "Gaslight"

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