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Gaslight An Immersion LARP set in mid to late 1800s Europe

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Comprehensive list of items to bring to game.

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Comprehensive list of items to bring to game.

Postby Glen » Thu Jan 05, 2017 7:54 pm

General Items That You Will Want/Need

Hair Brush/Comb
Tooth Brush
Tooth Paste
Shaving Items
Lip Balm
Hand Lotion
A Towel
Eye Drops
Ibuprofen/ Aleive
Flashlight (While we encourage you carry a more period appropriate light source it's not a bad idea to have a small pocket sized light for safety purposes.)
A Period Looking Light Source
Orange Head Band
A Printed Copy of the Rule Book or a Cheat Sheet With Your Powers on It
Snack Items: Cliff Bars, Granola Bars, Dried Fruit and other items are popular choices you can keep on your person easily. Electrolyte Beverages are also popular.
Food: While there is often food for purchase with ingame money at game it is always wise to have some food for yourself. Sandwiches are great and cheap way to do this.
A Flask or Bottle to keep drinking water in.
Make Up Remover

Costume Items
Extra Shirt/Blouse
Extra Pants/Skirt
Cloak or Coat or Shawl
Socks!!!! More than you think you need.
Comfortable Shoes
A Fan
Pocket Watch or Some Sort of Time Piece
Make Up for character and/or NPCs.
Hat/Bonnet or other head covering.
Sleep wear
A robe for those late night treks to the bathroom or monster attacks.
Garb for NPCs you play that are specific
Masks for your mask powers
White head band
Orange headband
A pouch/purse/bag for money and other items

Sleeping Bag
Curtains/Blankets for around your bed

Cold/Wet Weather
Hot Water Bottle
Hand Warmers
Warm Gloves
Thick Socks (Again more than you think you need)
Thermal Underlayers
Extra layers in general
Fleece or Wool Cloak(with a hood if possible)/Coat/Shawl

Warm Weather
Light Weight Costume pieces: Look for cotton and linen and fabrics that breath well.
Bring extra shirts so you can rinse them out and hang them to dry.
Thin socks
Mesh or Lace gloves (for the ladies)
Portable Water Receptacle

Prop Items
Boffer Weapons (And things like tape, paint, foam, nylons for instant repairs if needed)
Fire Arms/Ammo
White Head Band(s)
Orange head band
Viles for Herbalism/Brewing/Holy Water/Etc.
Materials for other Crafting Abilities
Items for Fetters and Relics (If you are playing a Wraith)
Index Cards and Pens/Pencils (for teaching/learning new things and for powers that require them if you have those powers)
Baskets and purses and other things you can carry stuff in.
Cream/Not White paper for notes and the like

Ladies Specifically
Hair Pins
Hair accessories

For Setup (Though Sometimes needed during game)

scotch tape
extra scissors,
extra staple gun
i-pod/speaker for set up

Note: If you make your own copy of this and bring it to game, it doubles as a great "Did I get all my stuff before leaving site" list.

Source: List compiled by Adana. All wonderful credit goes to her!
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