Final stuff removal

by JodyM on 2017/05/07 at 19:14

If you have any personal things in the Gaslight stuff, please contact Glen or I to collect it from the storage space we have moved the objects to. If the objects are still in the storage area on June 11th, they will be considered abandoned property and dealt with accordingly (WITH FIRE AND BLOOD!)

New donation system

by JodyM on 2017/03/18 at 08:35

As of today, the new donation system will be in place. There are still things that may change in this system, but we will be doing everything we can to ensure that it remains as fair as possible through changes.

Donations, time spent toward bettering the game (workdays specifically), and the newest option of cash donations to game, will all earn points (currently referred to as benefactor points) which can be hoarded, and traded in for things, both in and out of game rewards.

If you have any questions, please PM HoS so we can clear them up without cluttering this thread.

Cost list for things is here: ... 32cf#gid=0

Expect costs to alter, especially in the first week or so, as we tweak things to aim for a fair distribution of points.

Cost will be roughly 10 BP for each 1 XP/GoldStar value (replacing the old ~1XP/$10), but for the first 2 games of this, players will be given double points for monetary donations. This will extend to all new players for their first two games. We will transfer gold stars into this new system as well (though not immediately), so anything you were saving up for, you can still get with the effort you've already put in and been saving towards.

We will be setting up an anonymous list for tracking points, so that there is transparency into the system and tracking on both sides, as well as making it impossible for someone else to track you gains and expenditures.

We will be using Paypal to accept monetary donations, but we ask that you do so by sending money to friends and family, so that we don't lose money in the process. Points will be given on the amount received, so please don't forget to do this through the proper method. People can send donations to [email protected] on Paypal, and please drop a PM of the donation size to Donations and HoS until we are all satisfied the system is working. We will respond with a link to your tracking page (we're still setting this part up, so give us a bit of time for the response; you WILL be given credit).

Thank you, Chris!

by Ayda on 2017/03/04 at 00:20

Let's everyone take a moment to thank a pillar of our community for all of the work he's put into Rules Team over the years.

After a long, long run with the team, Chris has stepped down.

You've been a pleasure to work with, a wonderful friend, and a delight to game with, man.

And now his Watch has ended.

(Seriously, RT is a vigil. XD)

Character Guides are still hiring

by LaurenMorgan on 2017/03/01 at 17:24

If you have interest in helping people build rich character stories, please send an application to [email protected]. If you have applied in the past and are still interested, please let us know!

Thank you Patricia!

by JoeyL on 2017/02/20 at 19:18

Patricia Sager is stepping down from staff. I would like to thank her for her herculean efforts overhauling and maintaining our online characters check in process and archives, as well as for keeping me sane on numerous occasions. :)

You will be missed!

Game 5.4 cancelled due to weather

by JodyM on 2017/02/15 at 16:51

Game this weekend is cancelled.

Please make sure that everyone who was planning to attend knows and has alternate arrangements for any issues.

Game cancellation is for two main reasons. By far the biggest is the weather and the real danger of getting stuck on site, or other safety issues. Secondarily, the number of people missing game due to weather, natural disasters, and other real world issues makes this a prohibitively expensive game ($70+) while still being a rainy one. As we have a policy that safety and real world issues are more important than the game, we feel that this warrants us cancelling this event.

There are events being planned for the time between now and the April 1 game (which is going to happen this side of the apocalypse because… 1 April game!). Notices will be coming from the Heads of Staff with more details.

This was not a quick decision, and we got a lot of feedback and reports from various sources. In the end, even those who live in the area are unsure as to safety and roads. I know both XOs are sad to not be able to run the game that we all work so hard to put together, but we have to do the responsible thing. While it seems possible to get to site and back, it has a real risk of all the roads getting blocked, again.

From Christina Krem:

"Currently, some of the roads into Boulder Creek are open. Highway 17 has only one lane open each way, but for now it's open. Bear Creek was closed yesterday, though I'm not sure of its status today. Parts of Highway 35 are still closed. Highway 17 has been the biggest variable -- there have been some terrible landslides, vehicles overturned etc. so getting over the hill has been a nightmare for weeks. When it is open, it can take several hours to get here from San Jose (usually a 45 minute drive).

"We ended up having to cancel our Camp trip to the snow because of road closures. When our bus left Camp on Friday at 10am, the sun was shining and the roads were open. They got to Scott's Valley to discover at around 10.30am there had been more landslides and the highway was closed again.

"We have been losing power regularly over the last month or so, as have many residents of the Santa Cruz mountains, though I don't know what this weekend will bring.

"Because there has been so much rain, the hillsides are all slippery so sometimes continue to slide even when it isn't raining. Again, impossible to predict. We aren't too worried about it, the worst thing that happens is we get blocked in for a day. That happened a few weeks ago -- there were no roads open in or out of Boulder Creek and nobody had power, but it only lasted for a day."

Very sorry about this, again. We will be working on replacement events during the time until next game. Stay tuned.

Work Night - NEED responses ASAP.

by Glen on 2017/01/13 at 14:50

From Krem:

Work Day:

Currently, we have one opportunity available and we would be delighted to have your help in exchange for a rental discount. Our annual Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser is on March 11 at St Mary's College High School in Albany. We need volunteers to put on a white shirt and black pants and be our servers for the evening, as well as helping with set up and clean up before and after the event.

It would be a huge help, though we would need to know, for certain, how many people from Gaslight were committed, so I know how many other volunteers to recruit. Please let me know if you're interested in having this as a work day!

So, respond on the response thread (viewtopic.php?f=14&t=5364) if you can attend this so I can let Krem know ASAP.


Weather Update for 5.3

by Glen on 2017/01/06 at 12:13

Quick update on the weather situation:

We have word from Krem that this could potentially get ugly this weekend. if you are coming to game late, please take the weather under serious consideration before you begin your trip. Check the various apps and consider the safety of your vehicle and such. If things get too bad, we may have to gather people and make new plans.

I personally consider Krem a safe place to be, but come prepared.

- - -

From the notice from Santa Cruz County:

"We are also encouraging people to download the CodeRed app, so that those of you without landlines can receive location-based reverse 911 calls. It's available in any app store or through, and you have to go ahead and register for it to work. "

Final result on 5.3 Game Fees

by Glen on 2017/01/05 at 09:56

Final result: Game will be $50.

This should just about allow us to break even, given the game expenses (site fee, porta-potty, insurance) with a small amount going into paying the game debt.

Our angel program has one unanswered angel call currently.

Thank you, Adam!

by Glen on 2017/01/04 at 21:13

I wanted to thank Adam for his amazing work as an XO.

He did really great work with solving all sorts of issues behind the scenes as an XO in his time on duty... and on a personal level he was a key part of pulling my tail out of the fire when I really needed him.

Welcome back to the player ranks, sir. *salutes*

I know we said thank you at the end of last game in person, but this way I can leave a neat legacy on the forums. ;)

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