Welcome to our Gaslight gaming community!

Hopefully, this short introduction will let you know a little about what we are all about.


This "Gaslight" game is a fantasy game set in the historical small town of Warrington, England. Our town is exactly 150 years from today (starting in 2012/1862). While we play in this historical setting, we are also adding the fantasy of the classic World of Darkness, from the White Wolf system.

Game Vision:

The main vision of the game is for our community of players to create and define our historical town, with storytellers supporting the player stories from the world outside the town and react to player actions. To this goal, it is highly advised that players initially define their character's human story, before adding the supernatural aspects.

As part of that vision, the game and system will not be controlled by any one individual, but created as a community, where the game is greater then any one leader.

Character Immersion:

Among the playable character choices are vampires, wraiths, mages, werewolves, shifter fera, ghouls, kinfolk, and humans. Various town leadership positions are also held by players - like mayor, newspaper reporter, town mortician, and more.

The game design, from combat rules to costuming, is built to allow as fully immersive an experience as possible, with little reason to ever break character. This allows a player to highly involve themselves and understand the role they are playing. Hopefully, each player can eventually embody their new persona, from the physical movements to their thought process, for the entire game weekend.

New players and characters should work with the character guides, staff, and online resources to fully understand the setting, rules, and the game philosophy, to allow the best and most immersive experience possible.

Come join us on the forums and ask any questions you like! http://gaslight.endogaming.net/forums/

For more information on how to get involved, check out our joining page!

Special thanks:

We would also like to give a special thanks to the nwlarpers gaming group for the inspiration.

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